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About us

Antifa League Athens was created in the end of 2012 by a small group of people from the anti-authoritarian/anarchist movement, interested in sports and especially in football as it once was; old-school, as we experienced it as kids, “pure” and romantic.

In the era of complete commercialization and exploitation of football, where also the fascists are trying to get back into the game, we decided to move from theory to action and fight back. We are mobilized in order to set the fundamentals of a game of football that can match the society we are dreaming of!

Antifa League is an athletic/political street movement aiming to spread the antifascist ideals to the society and promote the coil against fascism through our favorite sport. More specifically, we are a self-organised, anti-commercialized  and competition-free league (full season), concentrated also in entertainment. It is open to everybody and it is taking place in various Athenian neighborhoods, organized by the teams themselves. We create bonds of companionship and friendship and we reject the decadent capitalistic sports construct by standing in favor of the love for selfless and healthy sporting.

We do not believe that the Antifa League is going to change the world, but we strongly believe that collective movements like this, move towards the right direction of taking back what is ours; the streets, the parks, our neighborhoods. It is an action to put our lives back in our hands.

We are in battle formation against the fascism and the state and that is fostering it.

Football with ideals for the ideals:

Self-organization – Equality – Solidarity